A story behind our hand bags and how it began

Once upon a time, there was a God gifted talented painter Vikram who is autistic and his school friend Rahul had some exciting ambitions to start planting the first ever seed on the ground in their garden at home because they had a light bulb moment idea to copy and paint the flowers growing from the ground up. Two weeks later as the flowers started to blossom, the boys couldn't wait to get out of their beds and out of excitement, they ran downstairs to their backyard garden and quickly grabbed an enormous Canvas from the hallway to draw their first ever tulip flower on the Canvas and they thought "One day, we will inspire as many people as possible with these beautiful seasonal flowers on this precious Earth which represents the changing seasons of life".

Of course, the kids never thought of painting these designs on a hand bag until

they visited the arts and crafts Market in Delhi where they saw some of the leather hand bags on sale at the stall and they were hand carved which was just an ordinary bag because they bought one of the small hand bags to check how long the designs would last as the boys were curious. However, five weeks later since purchasing a small hand bag, the colours started to fade little by little, day after day and week after week especially after it has been raining for five days! With a sad face, the boys started to wonder how could have this possibly happened after their parents gave them money just to purchase a bag and it has gone to waste so they kept on brainstorming some ideas on how to make sure this never happens again.

Two months later, the boys were having a half term break from school so they were planning to go and spend some time to do some shopping with their parents. As they were making their way to the shopping mall, Vikram saw the cow just wondering around on the road and noticed the other kids were sketching the drawings by the help of their parents so Vikram joined with other kids and he started helping them

to do the sketching but it wasn't just an ordinary sketch he drew, it was a very neat and rare one as the other kids eyes widened and looked surprised that they couldn't believe the way how Vikram showcased his drawings to the public! Vikram then decided that he wants to somehow showcase his paintings on the bag but wasn't too sure how to get started so one of the child's guardians pointed at the cow and he explained why this could be the best cow hide leather that Vikram can use to paint his designs as the guardian was teaching Vikram a trick on how to keep his paintings lasting forever after cutting a piece of the cow hide to form a shape of a bag with different sizes. He taught him the basics of how lamination machines operated and how to laminate it on the bags so that the paintings on the bag itself remains waterproof. Astound, Vikram said" Wow, I never knew that, even when I paint any other animals and not just tulip flowers and they too will stay as it is forever on the bags?" The guardian said:" Yes! just like you laminate the paper by using the laminator machine, it will prevent it from getting wet too even though it's raining! From then on, Vikram started to pursue it as a profession and his life transformed over the years forever by not only to keep the painting lasting forever on our bags but to help keep the inspiration alive as well as helping people save money in the long run. Then as a result, back in 2009 around spring time in the UK, all three of us family such as myself, Dad and Mum sat together at home on this very day to discuss about doing as much research as we possibly can until we found a gap in the market because we discovered that the people who were using expensive bags were not very happy because the designs on the bags didn't last very long so we decided to start a business to educate people of what our hand painted leather bags is all about and the idea is, the designs lasts a lifetime so that they can't stop looking at it.

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