Our Panama hat is the ultimate luxury choice. Keep cool this summer with our stylish snap-brimmed Panama hat. Expertly handwoven in Ecuador.


Care instructions:


  • Only keep it rolled up for 24hrs (travel purpose)
  • If it gets dirty, only use baby wipes
  • Remember to hold the brim from the blocking and never the edge while putting the hat on/taking it off
  • Do not make it wet
  • Avoid holding the crown of the hat
  • Never lend your hat to another person as the hat size is only yours
















Handwoven Genuine Panama Hat

SKU: 006
  • The purpose of rolling a genuine Panama hat should always be for the convenience of travel and not stored parmanently rolled up.


    How to roll a Panama hat

    1. Turn down the brim all the way round
    2. Hold the hat with the crown running from left to right
    3. Hold carefully along the centre ridge of the crown, pushing one side of the hat into the other
    4. Gently roll the hat loosely into a cone-like shape – you can put a band or scarf around to keep it held loosely in place 


    If your Panama loses its shape, steam it over boiling water while shaping it up with your hands to help it recover. Please make sure that you do not over steam. If you need to reshape the brim you can use an iron as long as you protect it using a cloth in between the hat and the iron. The best way to store your Panama is in a hat box in a warm and dry place, or stuff the crown with tissue paper put into a plastic bag and store on top of a wardrobe.

    To clean your Panama hat, use a damp, lint free cloth to gently wipe the surface of the hat, taking care not to damage the natural palm’s.

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